Turtle Letters

Drawing Letters of the Alphabet with Turtle Graphics

This is a set of tutorial examples for drawing letters of the alphabet and other symbols with Turtle Graphics.

A few hints in general about Turtle Graphics:

  1. To make a turtle, we use import turtle, then an assignment statement that invokes the turtle constructor (turtle.Turtle()) and gives the resulting turtle a name like chris:

    import turtle
    chris = turtle.Turtle()
  2. To make a turtle “look like a turtle”, use t.shape("turtle"), where t is the variable that refers to your turtle. For example:

  3. To move the turtle someplace without leaving a trail, pick up the pen, use goto to move, then put the pen down again. For example, to get to (25,50) without leaving a trail, for a a turtle referred to as chris, you can do this:


Turtle Graphics letters tutorials: table of contents

Section Code
(github repo)
Topics Covered
Turtle Letters: 01 code Draw a T
Turtle Letters: 02 code Drawing an A
Turtle Letters: 03 code The bounding box, reference point, and Drawing an O (or a 0)
Turtle Letters: 04   Planning your letters inside a bounding box (planning P and C)