CS8, Spring 2019


num ready? description assigned due
lab00 true Getting Started Mon 04/08 01:00PM Sun 04/14 05:00PM
lab01 true FtoC and CtoF with test cases Mon 04/15 08:00AM Sun 04/21 11:59PM
lab02 true Writing functions and tests Mon 04/22 08:00AM Sun 04/28 11:59PM
lab03 true Turtle Graphics: Basic shapes Mon 04/29 08:00AM Sun 05/05 11:59PM
lab04 true Conditionals, nested control structures, and loops Mon 05/06 08:00AM Sun 05/12 11:59PM
lab05 true More Loops - Accumulator Pattern, Updating Lists, and Filtering Lists Mon 05/13 08:00AM Sun 05/19 11:59PM
lab06 true Scrabble word finder: Python lists, dictionaries and file I/O Tue 05/28 08:00AM Thu 06/06 11:59PM
project01 true Turtle Graphics: Scene from a forest Thu 05/09 02:00PM Sun 06/02 11:59PM