Flask Webapps

Getting started with simple Python-based webapps using Flask

This is a set of tutorials for getting started with building simple webapps using Python. These tutorials use a framework known as Flask.

Flask is not the only Python webapp framework, and it may not even be the best Python webapp framework for all purposes. It is, undoubtedly, the easiest to get started with in an introductory course.

Flask webapps tutorials: table of contents

Section Code
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Topics Covered
Flask Webapps: 01   Getting Started
Flask Webapps: 02   ftoc (from url), and intro to templates
Flask Webapps: 03   Better Navigation on your Web App with Nav Bars
Flask Webapps: 04   Webapps on Heroku
Flask Webapps: 05   Deploying an existing Flask App on Heroku
Flask Webapps: 06   Working with Sessions in Flask