lab08 : Recursion

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In this lab, you’ll get more practice with:

This lab may be done solo, or in pairs.

Before you begin working on the lab, please decide if you will work solo or with a partner.

A reminder about working with a pair programming partner:

Once you and your partner are in agreement, choose an initial driver and navigator, and have the driver log into their account.


In this lab, you will need to create two files:

Starter code is provided for you and are located at (you may need to refresh the page if the links do not load immediately):

Before you begin, you will notice that code has function named “call_counter”. You do not need to know / understand this particular function and also you should not delete this function. Also you will notice “@call_counter” before each method. This is not a mistake, please do not delete this line as it helps with grading your submission. You will complete the portions in the starter code by doing the following:

  1. Create a directory called ~//lab08 (using the mkdir command) and cd into that directory.
  2. Use idle3 (you might try idle3 & if you want to be able to type commands on your terminal window after IDLE opens).
  3. Use “New File” to create empty files called and in that ~/cs8/lab08 directory.
  4. ONE AT A TIME, copy the function definitions from the starter code, write tests that go along with those functions in, and get your tests to pass.
    • Before you move on to the next function definition and its tests, get all of the tests you just wrote to pass.
    • Repeat this until you have ALL of the function definitions and their tests, and all of them pass.

You are encouraged to try submitting to Gradescope periodically for several reasons:

Upload and to Gradescope.

Once you’re done with writing your functions, navigate to the Lab assignment lab08 on Gradescope and upload your and files. Remember to add your name, and your partner to Groups Members for this submission on Gradescope if applicable. At this point, if you worked in a pair, it is a good idea for both partners to log into Gradescope and see if you can see the uploaded files for lab08.