lab06 : min/max, index vs. value

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lab06 true min/max, index vs. value Tue 05/01 12:30PM Thu 05/10 12:30PM

You may pair or work alone on this lab.

If you choose to pair, please start by registering your pair on Gradescope in the normal way.


This lab proceeds in an identical fashion to lab05. The topics are different, but the way of working is the same.

For this lab, you will create two files:

There is starter code for each of these (.py files) at the following link:

I suggest you proceed as follows:

  1. Create a directory called ~/cs20/lab06 (using the mkdir command) and cd into that directory.
  2. Use idle3 (you might try idle3 & if you want to keep your prompt handy) to bring up idle3.
  3. Use New File to create empty files called and in that ~/cs20/lab06 directory.
  4. ONE AT A TIME, copy the function definitions from the starter code, and the tests that go along with those, and get the tests to pass.
    • By one a a time, what I mean is, at your first step, copy ONLY the first function definition from the starter code and copy only the test cases from that go with that function definition.
    • Then, before you move on to the next function definition and its tests, get all of the tests from the one you just copied to pass.
    • Then, and only then, copy the next function definition and its tests into your files.
    • Repeat this until you have ALL of the function definitions and their tests, and all of them pass.

Note that what you are given differs from function to function: either a complete function definitions

When you’ve done that, you are ready to try submitting to submit.cs for a final grade. HOWEVER, you are encouraged to try submitting to submit.cs earlier, for several reasons:

A Useful tip

As you know, this Unix shell command runs the tests in

python3 -m pytest

If you have LOTS of tests in your file, and you ONLY want to run some of them, you can use -k string to run ONLY the tests that contain a certain string. For example, suppose you want to focus ONLY on the tests for isList. You can run:

python3 -m pytest -k isList

Change isList to any function that you want, and only the tests that contain that string will be run. The others will be “de-selected”.


Submit your code by going to Gradescope and finding the submission link for lab06.

Navigate to that page, and upload your file.