Resources to help you practice coding in Python, and/or how to think algorithmically.

Many students ask: if I want to get better at programming, in Python, or in general, where can I get some practice problems?

Here are some answers.


Visit for some practice problems in Python.

That site has Java practice questions too.

Project Euler

Visit to get a whole bunch of great practice problems that require you to write some code.

The way this site works is: you are asked to solve some problem, the answer to which is an integer. Coming up with that integer by hand will be super difficut; but if you know how write code efficiently, you should be able to come up with the answer.

The nice thing about these problems is that you can solve them in any language you choose. And you can solve all of them in Python now, while you are learning Python, and then later try them again in C++, or Ruby, or Scala, or Java, or any other language you are trying to learn.

You can check your answers easily, because the answer is just an integer.

The problems start fairly straightforward, and get harder and harder as you progress.