github: ucsb-cs-github-linker

Using the local tool to join a course organization

If your instructor has:

then this page will walk you through the process of getting setup with access to those resources.

Step 1: Create a account

Go to and create an account on the free plan.

If you already have an account, go to step 2.

Step 2: Add your to the list of emails on your Github account.

Step 3: Verify your email address

You should see something like this:

Go to your email and look for the verification email. Click to verify the email. If you can’t find it, click to resend the verification email.

Step 4: Use your Github account to login to the ucsb-cs-github-linker webapp

At the address: there is a webapp that will allow you to join the github organization for your course.

At the home page of that site, you should see a list of courses. You should be able to find the course that you are trying to join, and click the blue “Join” button.

To be able join, the following must all be true:

  1. Your instructor has registered a github org for the course
  2. You are in the course roster, and your instructor has uploaded the course roster to the app
  3. Your email on the course roster (e.g. matches one on the course roster.

If that’s true, then logging in and selecting the course will get you an invitation to join the course.

You still have to accept the invitation. Then you’ll be in the course organization.