sample exams

Exams from previous offerings of CS8


CAUTION! These exams were based on an offering of CS8 that may be very different from the one you may be taking now!

The exams linked to here are offered to help you study and prepare for your own exams. However, you should recognize their limitations. The course is slightly different each time a different instructor teaches it.

  • The textbook may not be the same.
  • The order of topics presented may not be the same.
  • The emphasis placed on various topics may not be the same.
  • While some core topics are always taught in CS8, other optional topics are added or dropped as needed as preparation for specific programming assignments.

Ok, now the exams:

Quarter Instructor Midterm E01 Midterm E02 Final
S18 Conrad E01 (future) (future)
M17 Conrad E01 (no 2nd midterm was given) E02
S14 Conrad E01 E02 Not available
F10 Conrad E01 E02 E03
M10 Conrad E01 E02 E03
M09 Conrad E01 E02 E03