Other Online Courses

Other online courses (not Python specific)

I am sometimes asked about online courses, especially by students frustrated about the difficulty of getting into CS courses at UCSB as non-majors.

There are dozens of options, and I have very few recommendations, mostly because I don’t have time to go through and vet them all.

There are a small number, however, that I have either direct experience with, or that come highly recommended from trusted colleagues. Here is that list.


Note that, at least as of right now, as far as I know, if you are a current UC Santa Barbara student enrolled in at least 12 units on your home campus, you can typically register for UC Online courses (when space is available) at no extra cost (that is, the cost is included in your UC tuition already) by using “cross-campus enrollment”. Your experience may vary, but do look into it if you think those courses may be a good fit for you.