The software used to produce this very website

The website you are now looking at is hosting on Github Pages. Github Pages uses software called Jekyll to turn files written in Markdown, a simplified syntax for HTML, into static HTML.

In order to understand how to maintain this site, it helps to have a bit of knowledge of each of the following:

A bit of knowledge of plain old HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can be useful as well.

The purpose of this page is NOT to be a complete reference to all of those things, but rather to accomplish two goals:

  1. Refer the reader to places where they can learn more about the technologies listed above
  2. Provide quick-and-dirty fixes to common issues that arise in practice with the course web pages for UCSB/UCSD courses hosted on this technology.

Quick Fixes

What you type:

[UCSB CS Dept](

What you get:


[UCSB CS Dept]({: target="_blank"}

What you get:


Running Jekyll Locally

Mac OS

Get the software known as rvm for your mac. Installing that is a bit of small chore, because you first must…

  1. Install gpg with brew install gpg
  2. Install curl with brew install curl
  3. Install rvm with \curl -sSL | bash -s stable --ruby